Training Program
The MedBot® training and education program enables a good full command of knowledge and skills of surgical robot products. It enhances a handy operation experience through the innovative product technology and achieves more accurate, safer and more efficient surgical results.
Intelligent Surgery Total Solution Provider

The MicroPort® MedBot has for years focused on the R&D and industrialization of micro –invasive surgical systems, and gradually formed a full-dimensional solution in multiple disciplines,

represented by five "Golden Racetracks": laparoscopic, orthopedic, panvascular, trans-natural orifice and percutaneous surgical solutions.

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Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Minimally Invasive Surgical Robots
Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Minimally Invasive Surgical Robots is intended to
make breakthrough in the core technology of minimally-invasive surgical robots and provide the whole chain sci-tech innovation service of minimally-invasive surgical system. Join the Center, and your academic ideas can be verified and realized efficiently.
  • Cutting-edge Research
    Cutting-edge Research
    Cutting-edge Research
  • Translational Medicine
    Translational Medicine
    Translational Medicine
  • Clinical Study
    Clinical Study
    Clinical Study
  • Industrialized Cooperation
    Industrialized Cooperation
    Industrialized Cooperation
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We will provide you efficiently services.
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You hereby agree to exempt the receiver and/or the user of the abovepersonal information from all claims, liabilities and losses caused or possibly caused by the disclosure and use of the information under the above circumstances.

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